The IAH Process

The IAH Process

Organize your environment, transform your life!

The Intuitive at Home process is a complete organizational approach to creating a healthy home. Founder and President Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir has designed this proprietary process, based on modern psychological principles, by which you can transform your life through working on your home and work environments.

IAH offers a practical structure to bring to light energetic relationships you maintain in your home. It provides personalized answers, insights, and solutions for you, your family, and your home environment. IAH is a step toward better overall health and well-being.

You may have explored different products or services to make your home life better. Examples include interior design, professional organizing, personal management systems, feng shui, life coaching, and event planning. IAH picks up where these practices leave off to help you go beyond any one specific area of focus to create a fully-integrated and self-sustaining home life.

Bring aspects of your home to light and create function and beauty in your home environment through the following steps:

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Level 1 ~ Declutter and organize. Home organization is the foundation of implementing IAH principles. Find the right ‘home’ for your belongings and begin to see the benefits in all areas of your life.

Functional spaces
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Level 2 ~ Create functional spaces for all family members. Allow your hobbies, passions, and daily activities to have a place that works in your home.

Beauty and function
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Level 3 ~ Add beauty and optimize your home to reflect the truest expression of your values and lifestyle.

Effortlessly maintain

 Level 4 ~ Effortlessly maintain your home. Live your life. Manage life’s events in style.





Take ownership of your life through your environment. Create a home where family members live together in a respectful and orderly way. Our team is ready to accompany you on every step of your Intuitive at Home journey. We are committed to helping you transform your environment.