Intuitive at Home

Your home is a reflection of your well-being.

Does your home express your true personality?

Does your environment reflect your lifestyle?

Intuitive at Home is a philosophy that uses organizational principles based on function and beauty. Learning to apply these principles within your home is both practical and transformative for your environment and you! 

Did you know that environment accounts for 50-70% of personality development? Home environment is underutilized in how we approach health and well-being. IAH can show you how to utilize these principles.

Your family story is reflected in your home.

Organization starts with becoming Intuitive at Home.

Make your home Beauvoir—beautiful to see!

IAH Home Consultation

In-home or online home consultation with Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir. Consultation includes an organizational plan with personalized answers, insights, and solutions.

Essential Information
Home Management Forms

A complete selection of fillable forms that allows you to keep all your important home and business information at your fingertips. A practical solution to raise the level of organization and efficiency in your home.

La Cuisine Beauvoir
Online Recipe Manager

Organize and manage your recipe collection in one place. Create and print beautiful recipe cards and cookbooks. Turn your recipes into a work of art!

Organizing Services

Work with IAH coaches and personal assistants to organize and create efficient, beautiful solutions for every area of your home.

Events & Courses

Live online events and courses. Learn how you can take action and create the home of your dreams!

Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir utilizes her extensive experience as a teacher, author, speaker, and professional musician to deliver an inspirational, lively, and engaging perspective on Intuitive Living.