Events & Courses

Events and Courses



Being Intuitive at Home
8-hour event
Next Event Saturday, January 8, 2022

Learn how the functionality and beauty of your home affects your well-being and take immediate steps to begin applying the Intuitive at Home (IAH) process to raise the level of your environment.

Keynote presentations explore the psychological and health effects of a well-ordered environment. Clutter and disarray negatively impact well-being. Presentations are followed by hands-on sessions where you are invited to bring materials to begin working on specific aspects of your environment. Different stations address:

  • Digitizing
  • Building an Essential Information home organization system
  • Organizing your recipe collection with La Cuisine Beauvoir
  • Managing memorabilia
  • Creating and maintaining an efficient flow of information in and out of your home
  • Event planning and completion – with the signature IAH After the Event service



Creating Intuitive Spaces
2-hour workshop
Next Workshop Thursday, January 20, 2022

Creating Intuitive Spaces

Your home has a profound influence on your life. Rooms, furniture, and objects can support a feeling of well-being; they can also contribute to a negative effect you may not recognize. See which objects and patterns in your environment hold energy. Learn the skills to clear and manage energy in order to express exactly what you want at home.

Part 1: Organization and Functionality – Create the Structure for Greater Abundance

Part 2: Express Beauty – Create and Maintain Your True Expression

Clear a path to self-discovery and design your unique life.